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Where I put my art, assets, maps, and other things I've created
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Welcome to my art portfolio!

This art site has gone through a major change. If you want to read about it check out this post on my blog.

Here I upload all of my drawings! If you want to follow me there are a number of options.

I have a Twitter account for my art where everything I add to this site gets tweeted. I also have an art page on Facebook, where most mild images are posted.

I also have accounts on DeviantArt and FurAffinity where things I’m satisfied with are uploaded as well.

Speaking of which. I draw a lot of NSFW things. Boobs and nipples and naughty bits. So if you venture further than this page you’ve been warned of this.

Below are the eight most recent uploads that are still “safe”. You can use the menu above to navigate to the full page of submissions with no filter, or navigate to a specific category, or have a look through my personal favourites.

Inktober – 25. Tasty

Well. 2 days behind, breaking all of the rules. Well some rules. Inktober drawings are not supposed to be colored, much less shaded, according to

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Inktober – 21. Treasure

“It’s a dingle-sporker!” After the terrible result of the previous prompt I was very close to throwing in the towel for this Inktober. It was

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Inktober – 18. Misfit

Oh boy. Here’s another really terrible one. I’m playing a bit of catch-up again. With this one I’m now 2 behind… Also, they’re wearing “costumes”.

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Inktober – 15. Legend

A quick, rough, & not superb drawing. I should hope you can tell who it is, or I’ve completely failed today’s prompt… I know the

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