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Mermay 2022 – W1 – Giant Pacific Octopus

This is a bit of a long description, but it’s been a while…

Oh boy! It’s Mermay again! I tried a few times, but apparently the last time I properly participated was in 2018, which is not what I would have guessed… I tried to get going with Mermay the previous couple of years but it seems I never actually got off the ground with that.

This year I encountered a prompt list by nai-yen on deviantArt. Unlike the ones I’ve seen in previous years, the kind that is most common, where you have one prompt per day, this one only has 3 prompts per week, with a different overarching theme each week.

I’ve obviously not been able to keep up with these at all, even the 2018 one I mostly completed I still ended up skipping a few prompts.

Now the first week of this Mermay’s passed and I’ve drawn one of the prompts. I think I’ll just stick to one per week unless I have some extra time and want to do one more one of the weeks.

As you can probably guess the first weeks’ theme was ‘Octopus’ and the first prompt was ‘Giant Pacific Octopus’. The other ones were ‘Coconut Octopus’ and ‘Flapjack Octopus’. I haven’t looked up either of those other ones yet, but they sound fun and I have to look them up and possibly draw them sometime.

I’m posting this at the start of week 2 obviously, but I drew this last week I promise. The theme of week 2 is Jellyfish. I haven’t yet decided which of the three prompts to go with, but I hope you’ll look forward to the next drawing towards the end of the week!