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Mermay 2022 – W2 – Upside-down Jellyfish

This is a little late, but I at least started it yesterday, before the end of the week. I wasn’t able to finish coloring it though, so I had to do that today.

This drawing turned out pretty good! Now upside-down jellyfish don’t really glow, at least as far as I’ve seen, but it looked way better to me.

Also, real upside-down jellyfish spend their lives with their “top” pushed up against the seafloor. Not sure how that’d work when there’s a torso in the way. I could have drawn her laying on the seafloor with the tentacles sticking up behind her. That might have been interesting, but oh well.

This week’s theme is “Deep Sea”, and one of the options is Lanternfish, but since I’ve already done a glowy one just now (even though it probably shouldn’t have been) I think I’ll go with another of the two options. Hopefully this time I’ll do it before just before midnight on Sunday and actually finish it within this week.