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Category: Other


It’s alki-mon! Vaporeon Alki! It turned out pretty well! Now Vaporeon’s skin is not supposed to be two colors, but I decided to do so

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Well… this one… uh. That’s supposed to be a laser gattling gun from fallout. I used a reference for it. Didn’t use a reference for

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Night Time Tinkering

A bit of late night inventing, using only the finest (mostly) stable plasma! 47 minutes spent sketching.2 minutes spent lettering.

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Maybe meh. Timelapse: https://youtu.be/NFXmo7TZY_s 34 minutes spent sketching.21 minutes spent coloring.

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God or Demon

Either way beware, for it is watching you Very quick drawing. Inspired by Jolly Jacks depictions.

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