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Quinn Fancy Dress

This is once again my D&D character seen here previously.

The group has just gotten to a casino on the Grand Dame in Yartar. You either needed to get a job on the ship somehow, which two party members did by getting jobs as a chef and a server, or you needed to be wealthy and show it.

I obviously went for the second option, which cost me about 200 gold. You also can’t bring any weapons on board, which is not really an issue for me as a druid. Hopefully I get to keep the staff as it operates as a spellcasting focus, but if not I have an adamantine scimitar that I can summon to my hand. Oh and I can turn into beasts, which I will probably need to do as I wont be wearing any armor, so my AC will be quite low for a while.

Session 1: 2 hours spent sketching.
Session 2: 1 hour, 17 minutes spent sketching.
53 minutes spent coloring.
Session 3: 35 minutes spent sketching.
27 minutes spent coloring.
12 minutes spent shading.