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Tag: yellow hair

Crystal Naga

Original line art by Zandra She said this was based on a dream where she was this creature 25 minutes spent inking.1 hour & 19

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A fairly quick sketch. 32 minutes spent sketching.16 minutes spent coloring.6 minutes spent lettering.

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Fruity Drink

No timelapse for this one! Which is a shame because it turned out really good! 26 minutes spent sketching.25 minutes spent coloring.

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At Night

Original art by http://www.furaffinity.net/user/chandraken/ 17 minutes spent drawing. 44 minutes spent coloring. 42 minutes spend shading. Drawing time went into adjusting the lineart a bit.

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The first drawing with speech bubbles! Probably not the last. This new character is Hop, which is the nickname given by the crew of the

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Sash Mermaid

I didn’t time this one properly, but I’d say it took about 1h 20m based on irc timestamps. Turned out pretty well except her head

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