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Tag: whale

Caught a whale

A quick doodle type thing trying out a random brush. Not sure I quite like this one for sketching. 36 minutes spent sketching.

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Well, someone’s gotten themselves into an embarrassing situation. Getting a bit excited while being transported. 40 minutes spent sketching.

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Mermay 2018 – 20. Poke

Haha look, some idiot got himself beached! …wait shit, that’s me… And yeah, apparently I have a mustache on my back… I didn’t think of

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Mermay 2018 – 1. Mersona

I’m doing the Mermay challenge this year using these prompts. (The account has now been deactivated) Basically this means I’ll be drawing one mer-themed drawing

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It’s me! 30 minutes spent sketching.27 minutes spent inking.31 minutes spent coloring.

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Whale Song

Yet another sketch by Alki, of Alki, inked and colored! 39 minutes spent inking.43 minutes spent coloring.

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