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Tag: legs


Just a super spooky, super early halloween drawing I guess. Because I didn’t know what else to draw today. Session 1: 22 minutes spent sketching.

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Inktober – 5. Build

I’m now two behind because I didn’t draw anything yesterday. But with this drawing I’m at least not three days behind! So there’s that! I

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Well… this one… uh. That’s supposed to be a laser gattling gun from fallout. I used a reference for it. Didn’t use a reference for

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Mermay 2018 – 20. Poke

Haha look, some idiot got himself beached! …wait shit, that’s me… And yeah, apparently I have a mustache on my back… I didn’t think of

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A different experiment. Not entierly sure I like it. Overall. It seems a bit off. But I like the concept. The concept isn’t unique of

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A shrimp girl. Not very detailed, but came out pretty well. Head’s a bit small.

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