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Tag: hanging


Well, someone’s gotten themselves into an embarrassing situation. Getting a bit excited while being transported. 40 minutes spent sketching.

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Inktober – 7. Exhausted

Day 7. A quick crappy one. It was difficult thinking of something for exhausted that wasn’t just “Someone laying down somewhere”. 17 minutes spent inking.

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Hanging Out

You can’t really tell but it’s supposed to be a mermaid hanging onto the side of a boat or similar. Mostly just a quick pose

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Upside Down Snake Tits

I wonder why she’s in that tree. I wonder. Didn’t turn out that great, but it’s mostly a pose practice. Drawing upside-down boobs is difficult.

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Another android. This one an older model which uses an older type of connector for the legs. Apparently this has been in an accident of

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