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Tag: green tail

No ladder needed

Drew this while listening to the soundtrack for The Sims (1). 47 minutes spent sketching.50 minutes spent coloring.5 minutes spent lettering.

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A fairly quick sketch. 32 minutes spent sketching.16 minutes spent coloring.6 minutes spent lettering.

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Fruity Drink

No timelapse for this one! Which is a shame because it turned out really good! 26 minutes spent sketching.25 minutes spent coloring.

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Dressing Robe

This one took a bit longer than usual because clothes (kind of). But it was fun. And turned out well! 51 minutes spent drawing.35 minutes

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Cocktail Mermaid

Quit nice, quit nice. Wanted to draw boobs squished against glass. This idea popped into my head. I’ve seen mermaids in cocktail glasses before of

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With a net that looks like it was designed for big fish perhaps this was not an accident. I believe she may find herself being

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