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Tag: cat

At Night

Original art by http://www.furaffinity.net/user/chandraken/ 17 minutes spent drawing. 44 minutes spent coloring. 42 minutes spend shading. Drawing time went into adjusting the lineart a bit.

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Lucy’s New Sweater

This is a strange one, because Lucy doesn’t normally wear clothes. But apparently she decided to try this on. Maybe to tease her boyfriend a

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God or Demon

Either way beware, for it is watching you Very quick drawing. Inspired by Jolly Jacks depictions.

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Wanna Play?

It’s Lucy in color! This was supposed to be done last night, but my computer decided that my tablet driver didn’t exist anymore, which didn’t

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This is Lucy, because her collar has an L on it. She hasn’t been fed yet and isn’t happy about it. I’d like to draw

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