Beware of poor to decent art, featuring nudity and potentially strange things.

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Tag: bellybutton


Another quick one. It’s all around a bit weird. Especially the face is very different from what I usually produce. Probably a result of not

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Net Skirt

This took a while. It’s based on a drawing Alki did which was similar. But she said she wanted to have nets as well, so

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Alki Noodles

Oh jeez. This is the first fully sketched, inked, colored and shaded picture I’ve done in quite a while. But it was worth it. 9

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Random Mermaid 5

Another random line mermaid! I like this one. Turned out pretty nice. 36 minutes spent drawing.46 minutes spent coloring.

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Random Mermaid 4

The first mermaid based on a semi-random line. I say semi-random because I drew a couple of lines before getting to this one. I intend

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Alki Betta Fish Colored

It’s Alkidan as a Betta fish! I drew this the other day and colored it now! I accidentally reset the coloring timer, so it actually

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Alki Betta Fish

I need to color this as well, but I don’t have time right now. There are also some details missing, like gills.

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Hanging Out

You can’t really tell but it’s supposed to be a mermaid hanging onto the side of a boat or similar. Mostly just a quick pose

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