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Tag: belly

Alki Betta Fish

I need to color this as well, but I don’t have time right now. There are also some details missing, like gills.

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Hanging Out

You can’t really tell but it’s supposed to be a mermaid hanging onto the side of a boat or similar. Mostly just a quick pose

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A pretty quick drawing. But good. Saved the photoshop file so that I may color it some day.

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A fox satyr girl. Pretty quick process. I like the result!

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Wanna Play?

It’s Lucy in color! This was supposed to be done last night, but my computer decided that my tablet driver didn’t exist anymore, which didn’t

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Upside Down Snake Tits

I wonder why she’s in that tree. I wonder. Didn’t turn out that great, but it’s mostly a pose practice. Drawing upside-down boobs is difficult.

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