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Tag: back


My first animation in quite a while. Pretty quickly done so not the best, but I plan on doing more in the future. Might get

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Inktober – 7. Exhausted

Day 7. A quick crappy one. It was difficult thinking of something for exhausted that wasn’t just “Someone laying down somewhere”. 17 minutes spent inking.

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Somehow got herself trapped in some railing somewhere. That’s probably not going to go well. 28 minutes spent sketching.

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Something different! An ostrich me? 27 minutes spent drawing.29 minutes spent coloring.

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Random Mermaid 3

I like mermaids with long tails, but I imagine they’d have a lot of difficulty getting around on land. I may color this at a

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I tried adding a face, but I couldn’t avoid making it look goofy. So faceless it is. I like it.

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