Beware of poor to decent art, featuring nudity and potentially strange things.

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Tag: anal fins

Random Mermaid 7

Been a while since I did one of these. The fastest one yet. Also, two quick sketches in one day. What is going on?! 12

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Underwater Computing

How does a mermaid computer? In water of course. But you’ll have to make sure everything is waterproof. 2 hours & 59 minutes spent sketching.1

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A pretty quick sketch. I may add to this later if I ever feel like it. 25 minutes spent sketching.

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Some Merguy

Made a timelapse for this image! 42 minutes spent sketching.38 minutes spent inking.

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A Sit

Just a not-so-quick drawing today! 36 minutes spent sketching.52 minutes spent inking.

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A little trapped… 31 minutes spent sketching.31 minutes spent coloring.

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This is Amanda. She lives alone in a relatively small apartment and colors her hair to match her tail (and possibly because she’s a fan

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