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Archives: Tooltips

Grand Dame

The Grand Dame was a magnificent riverboat that docked in Yartar during the late 15th century DR. Within the ship’s cabin was a luxurious gambling den called the Golden Goose. Both the

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Nightstone was a fortified settlement located near the Ardeep Forest, in the hills between Waterdeep and Daggerford. It was connected to the High Road via a side trail.

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Ardeep Forest

The Ardeep Forest, also known as the Faraway Forest, was a relatively small but thick woodland in northwest Faerûn. Elven scribes usually compounded the name to “Ardeepforest” in order to denote

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Silvanus, the Forest Father, was the god of nature, though formerly considered only the god of wild nature and druids. Silvanus was one of the oldest

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