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Category: Lineart


This is Lucy, because her collar has an L on it. She hasn’t been fed yet and isn’t happy about it. I’d like to draw

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Heh, hairmaid. This one’s pretty weird, but I had to draw it. Maybe there’s a tail in there somewhere, maybe not. Who knows.

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Octopus lady. This was done very quickly on one pass because I don’t have time to make multiple right now. So this’ll be today’s drawing.

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Wow would you look at that. I hate it. But that’s todays sketch I guess. The next one will probably be something without legs. Because

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The Spellweaver Student

This concept has potential beyond being a daily sketch. But I’m not confident I’m capable of executing it right now. So a sketch it will

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It’s a cute naga, with short hair. And a pretty short tail. That’s all!

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