Beware of poor to decent art, featuring nudity and potentially strange things.

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Category: Favourites

Silver Catch

Another tied up mermaid. I tried using a rope brush I made while working on this. I need to experiment more with that I think.

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A relatively quick sketch. Probably about half the time was spent cleaning up the lines. Would like to ink and color this in the future.

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Oh deer butt

Alki makes for an adorable deer taur! 41 minutes spent sketching.44 minutes spent inking.35 minutes spent coloring.

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Another Alki original!The original title was “Ocean sunset” and felt a bit sad. This turned out differently… 59 minutes spent inking.1 hour & 25 minutes

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Whale Song

Yet another sketch by Alki, of Alki, inked and colored! 39 minutes spent inking.43 minutes spent coloring.

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Net Skirt

This took a while. It’s based on a drawing Alki did which was similar. But she said she wanted to have nets as well, so

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Alki Noodles

Oh jeez. This is the first fully sketched, inked, colored and shaded picture I’ve done in quite a while. But it was worth it. 9

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At Night

Original art by 17 minutes spent drawing. 44 minutes spent coloring. 42 minutes spend shading. Drawing time went into adjusting the lineart a bit.

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