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Ariri’s Catgirl

“White-hair catgirl” was the prompt.

I tried a couple of different things this time. The first is the new pose that I’m fairly sure I’ve never drawn before. Second is white hair, which turns out to be a lot trickier if you want to use a hair brush instead of drawing chunky cartoon hair…

Lastly was the face, which I initially tried drawing in a much more realistic style… but I hated how it turned out. It looked sort of uncanny-valley-esque I think. You can see that version of the drawing here which is almost identical to the final version except the face, which I had to go back and change after finishing the drawing because I couldn’t leave it like that.

The main issues, I believe, were firstly that the face was too chunky, and secondly, that it seemed expressionless. I think the final version fixes those issues and I hope you agree.

I also found it tricky to consolidate the ears with the hair in a way that made sense, but I think I got a decent result there.

Session 1: 1 hour, 14 minutes spent sketching. 16 minutes spent coloring.

Session 2: 49 minutes spent sketching. 41 minutes spent coloring.