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I was a bit hesitant to put text on this at first, but I felt the facial expressions needed some context And I also don’t mind building a bit of a story.

I tried to use the hair-brush for the hair again, but I couldn’t get Amber’s hairstyle right with it, so I went back to my previous way of drawing hair.

I did improve the way I draw eyes though.

And this time we’re introducing snake guy here who’s apparently the ship’s maintenance guy. He doesn’t have a name yet.

The reason this is a complicated procedure is that androids have a lot of inter-connected parts, so replacing a part of the main body basically requires disassembling it. Unfortunately for Amber she’s going to have to suffer through it, because she needs her legs to work to be useful. And since androids cannot be completely shut down unless they break badly she’s going to be awake during all of it, but not able to do much other than talking.